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98% of visitors to your website leave without converting. Retargeting Bring Them Back

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  • Generate Leads

    No Leads No Sales. You can generate highly targeted SMS leads with verified phone numbers using our SMS marketing and retargeting system.

  • Boost Conversions

    Boost your website’s conversion rate and sales by using our SMS marketing and retargeting system.

  • RTB Display Marketplace

    Get access to our SMS marketing and retargeting system and attract more porofitable clients.

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  • SMS Marketing

    SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received. With our SMs marketing system you generate verified phone leads.

  • Retargeting

    Generally 2% of the visitors to your website convert on their first visit. 98% leave without taking any action.
    With our retargeting system, we bring them back to your website.

  • RTB- Real Time Bidding

    With our Sms marketing and retargeting system You step in a $3.5B RTB Marketplace. With RTB you can buy and sell online ads on a per-impression basis. Combine RTB wit SMS Marketing and Retargeting and you have the power of push button precision targeted traffic under your control.

  • What is SMS Marketing?

    SMS Marketing is permission based marketing. Each client must have given permission to the advertiser to send text messages to their mobile phone. .This makes SMS one of the most fast ways available to connect to your clients. SMS is targeted, quick and appealing; the ideal message delivery tool.

  • What is Retargeting?

    Retargeting or Remarketing is a cookie-based system that make use of a simple Javascript code to secretly ‘follow’ your audience all over the Internet.

  • What is Real Time Bidding?

    Real-time Bidding allows an advertiser to determine in real time on which individual impression a banner is displayed and the amount he wants to bid on it. This is made possible by making a link between data collections, publishers and trading platforms with advertisers.

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Discover how retargeting holds your brand in front of visitors
after they left your website

How Retargeting Works

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Our SMS Marketing and Retargeting system is transparent and easy to use. It is designed to simplify the process of generating targeted leads..

This is What You Get:

  • RTB Display Marketplace

  • Sales Funnel Marketing 101

  • SMS Subcribers- List Builder

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